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Steam cleaning by Keep It Clean helps restore that natural plush of a new carpet to your worn one. Over time a carpet can start to look flatter in certain areas due to excessive traffic, pressure, and dirt or dust build up. Wear patterns can begin to emerge in areas of the carpet that see a lot of use that standard vacuuming alone can’t cure. The gentle cleaning action of our steam cleaning process followed by a strong vacuuming helps to restore the vertical alignment of the carpet fibers and can appear to reverse years of wear with a single cleaning. If you think your carpets could use such a cleaning, please don’t hesitate to contact Keep It Clean. You’ll be glad you did.

An additional benefit of having your carpets professionally steam cleaned by Keep It Clean is that it can help disinfect your floors at the same time. If you have pet challenges/urine or other bodily excrement we have the ability to take care of it as well as neutralize the odor. The high temperature of the steam and solution will help neutralize mold, mildew or bacteria that has established it’s self in your carpet or padding. Keep it Clean steam cleaning not only helps to stops these threats to your health in their tracks, we can also help eliminate the odor they may be causing. Then it is removed along with the cleaning solution and dirt/grime in the vacuuming process.

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For those outside of our beautiful city of Sacramento, we are an hour North East of San Fran and the state capital of California. Our experts can service 30 miles outside of our county, so whether you need carpets, upholstery, tile and grout for commercial or a home. Our eager to help technicians can bring back the beauty of your interior. As industry leaders we are highly rated and certified. We continue training our technicians under the expertise of International Cleaning and Restoration Association.

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